Simple and straight forward, I use it to organize my 92 year old mother’s meds. There is ample room to hold 8 pills in one space, even when two of those pills are quite large (20 MEQ potassium chloride and large calcium supplement). It requires a little effort on my mom’s part to open each lid, but it’s not a problem. Having all the pill information right there with the pills is a bonus, as is the refill reminder system. Each compartment lid is secure, so there’s no danger in having the lids open accidentally. Additionally, each strip of containers is secured in the caddy, but still easy to remove. My dad likes it so much he’s asked me to order one for him too. If the price seems high to you, stop and consider that it holds a month’s worth of pills.

If you buy the corresponding number of individual, weekly am/pm containers, you will likely spend just as much if not more. And your medicines will not be so neatly organized. For me it’s a real time saver.

This is a very well designed and thought-out pill container. It’s durable, and accounts for every contingency, such as running out of a medication before a month is out. It opens easily for either one day or a whole week’s worth of pills. The compartments are big enough to hold a large quantity of good sized pills. The instructions are very good.