An Aid for Caregivers, A Medication Organizer That Works

Finding a medication organizer that works.

“I try to save time whenever I can. I figure the three to five minutes I spend opening my supplements and Rx bottles daily would add up to almost two months in an average lifetime.”
By Brenda Avadian, The Caregiver’s Voice

As a family or professional caregiver you have a stressful job with many demands on your time. One of these critic demands on your time is the management of medications and supplements of those in your care.

“Thirty percent of the time, people miss their medications, double up, or in some way don’t follow their doctors orders. Sometimes, the result can be fatal.”
By Brenda Avadian, The Caregiver’s Voice

The PillRite is an essential tool for the caregiver. It is a systematic way to organize medications quickly and accurately a month at a time, instead of the typical one month method.

One of the PillRite features is a MyPillList compartment. The MyPillList compartment stores a current and accurate log of medications and supplements. The information is especially important when handing off care to another caregiver. It is also critical information for First Responders to act quickly in an emergency situation.

The PillRite also has an exclusive refill reminder system. It helps you keep track of refills by marking were you ran out of a pill and a matching marker is put in your empty pill bottle reminding you to refill that prescription or supplement. This keeps you ahead of your refills and any delays buying new medication refills and supplements.

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