How Not Taking Medicine as Prescribed Led to 125,000 People’s Death in 2016

world-1185076_960_720According to the American Heart Association, in 2016, 125,000 deaths were related to people not taking their medicine as directed. One of the reasons why people are unable to take their medicines properly is because they forget to take it. Other times, they do not want to go through the hassle of filling up their pillbox at the end of each week, which can be time consuming and frustrating.

The Consequences of Forgetting and Putting It Off for Later Are Dire
Even though most people use a pillbox to take their daily medicine, they forget or neglect to fill the pillbox. Why do they forget or neglect to restock the pillbox? To them, it feels like a never-ending chore, one they must do each week. Not taking their medication can lead them to fall ill. To make restocking medicine feel less like a chore, they need a solution.
The Solution: A Revolutionized NEW Pillbox

Our twice daily and four-week pillbox called PillRite eliminates the need to restock the pillbox with medication at the end of each week to managing it on a monthly basis. If you or someone you know finds filling their pillbox a hassle, you need to invest in our revolutionary solution that makes stocking and taking medication a breeze.
Your health is in your own hands! Do not take chances with your health by stopping your medication without consulting with your doctor first. A helpful tip to ensure you take your medicine on time is to use the PillRite and to incorporate taking your medication around daily habits, like brushing your teeth.
Moreover, the PillRite’s caddy style allows you to carry it everywhere with ease. It also comes with a travel bag to carry a one week supply of medication for traveling. If you are a caregiver or work in an elder care facility, looking after the elderly, you will find our pillbox, PillRite, a useful solution. PillRite will help you take care of you and your loved ones by bettering health outcomes.

An Aid for Caregivers, A Medication Organizer That Works

Finding a medication organizer that works.

“I try to save time whenever I can. I figure the three to five minutes I spend opening my supplements and Rx bottles daily would add up to almost two months in an average lifetime.”
By Brenda Avadian, The Caregiver’s Voice

As a family or professional caregiver you have a stressful job with many demands on your time. One of these critic demands on your time is the management of medications and supplements of those in your care.

“Thirty percent of the time, people miss their medications, double up, or in some way don’t follow their doctors orders. Sometimes, the result can be fatal.”
By Brenda Avadian, The Caregiver’s Voice

The PillRite is an essential tool for the caregiver. It is a systematic way to organize medications quickly and accurately a month at a time, instead of the typical one month method.

One of the PillRite features is a MyPillList compartment. The MyPillList compartment stores a current and accurate log of medications and supplements. The information is especially important when handing off care to another caregiver. It is also critical information for First Responders to act quickly in an emergency situation.

The PillRite also has an exclusive refill reminder system. It helps you keep track of refills by marking were you ran out of a pill and a matching marker is put in your empty pill bottle reminding you to refill that prescription or supplement. This keeps you ahead of your refills and any delays buying new medication refills and supplements.

Please read our latest review from Caregivers’ Voice, an organization helping family caregivers and professionals with the challenges and stresses of caregiving by providing them support and knowledge in a hopeful framework. Look for founder Brenda Avadian speaking in your area.


Why the PIllRite?

Hello, I am Mary Ann Andrews the creator of the Pillrite. I’d like to tell you about how the Pillrite came into existence. In later posts I’d like to share some things I’ve learned in the course of developing the product and about the challenge of taking medication regularly for a chronic condition.

I would dread Sunday night. Sunday night meant I would have to drag out all my medication and vitamin bottles, and my pill boxes to organize my medication for the next week. I am like many in America, there are 32 million of us that take three or more medications daily, take medication for a chronic condition. Matter of fact, I take medication twice a day. The chore of having to take my medicine out of the pill bottle and drop it into the AM or the PM pillbox was annoying because I had to do it every week, every week I had to fight the temptation to put it off to tomorrow. Maybe my favorite TV show was on, maybe it was late and I was tired. But, if I wanted the benefit of taking the medication and did not want the consequence of not taking them, I had to go through the routine again. There had to be a better way.

There are many pillboxes on the market from the one time per day for one week that we all know, the two times per day for one week, and the four times per day for one week, just to mention a few. I tried them all. I tried to make something work so I didn’t have to take out my pill bottles every week. Nothing was satisfactory, sometimes I ended with more of a problem then when I started. Again, there had to be a better way.

Then one day it hit me, why don’t I use eight of the standard one time per day for one week pill boxes. That would allow me to only have to fill my pillboxes every four weeks. However, that also created a bunch of pillboxes laying around. I liked the idea of filling every four weeks ,but there had to be a better way. Then it hit me again, what if I placed the pillboxes vertically into a caddy? Sort like a sixpack, or an eightpack, if you will. I enlisted my husband, got some balsa wood, a glue gun and the first PillRite was created.

I found a product design firm and over the months the snap-in pillboxes were created,then the different colored AM and PM pillboxes, the refill reminder markers, and the MyMedlist compartment. This  all came together to become the PillRite of today, the only twice daily, four week medication organization system.

I am very proud of this product and how it can make life better for all of us that take medication twice daily.