Taking Your Medications can be Frustrating

Grandfather357Let’s face it, taking your medication consistently as prescribes is no easy task.  Keeping everything organized can be challengeing to say the least. If you take medications regularly, you probably know how easy it can be to miss a dose or take the wrong dose by accident. You also may know how tempting it can be to adjust or skip doses on your own, without your doctor’s consent. So, it’s not always easy to be consistent when taking your medication.  Taking your medication as directed is a decision YOU make most of the time. But it can be made easier when you look around and find the right tools to help manage your medication.

The Importance of Taking Your Medications Correctly

To get maximum benefit from your medications, it is important to take them exactly as prescribed by your doctor. In fact, your chance of a better health outcome improves when you take your medications as directed.  Medicines can help you feel better. But if medicines are taken incorrectly, they can make you feel worse. Backing up this idea are studies showing better outcomes for patients who consistently take their pills.


Always talk to your doctor

Be sure to discuss your medication with your doctor. Ask what is the medication for, how long and how do I need to take it, are there any adverse effects I should be aware of when taking this drug. Let your doctor know about any other medications you are taking and  if you are taking supplements.  It can be a good to talk to your Pharmacist if you have any addition questions.

Get Organized

Have a list that includes all your emergency information and contacts as well as any allergies you may have.  On this list include all medications and supplements and when and why you take them, as well as the dose you are taking. Keep this list next to your medications to refer to when you fill your pillbox. Use a pillbox to assure you have taken your dose and to do not take a double dose. Develop a medication schedule so that it becomes part of your daily routine. Take medication right after eating breakfast, or right before going to bed or before or after you brush your teeth. Always have a glass of water by your medications. Having habits and routines around taking your medication can help to maintain a healthy approach to taking your pills. And please see if PillRite pill management system is right for you.